Build connections with your audiences

L3 bridges the gap between live events and marketing. We use new technology and interior architecture to create environments for live events and exhibitions.
We’ve created an immense variety of projects, from the new Bonhams showroom in Mayfair, to a global press launch for Nissan and a film and website for Corax Cyber Security. What’s key is that we excite, involve and impress your audience.

A strong international track record

From Mexico to Japan to Morocco, L3 has amassed extensive cross-border experience. We have worked with a combination of our own crews, local and specialist teams, to complete over 2,000 projects in 32 countries spanning five continents. These involve building and shipping from the UK, as well as managing local procurement and production. We have trusted partners in the USA, Asia and Australia, and are able to bring you a seamless service.

A robust service from start to finish


Our team has the commercial awareness to understand and advise you on your strategy. Every creative project has a business aim, and we bring a wealth of experience in events, architecture and marketing to help you to achieve it. Having worked with clients in motorsport, property, gaming, book publishing, automotive and retail, we know there is a great deal of common ground when it comes to growing brands, strengthening relationships and building reputations.


Experts at project and events planning, we will liaise with your own team to cover off every detail and eventuality. From the first phone call right through to post-project breakdown, we factor in our agreed deliverables, timescales and budgets, across multiple territories.


Design isn't just about thinking up concepts, but knowing how to make them happen. Our inhouse 3D and 2D creatives appreciate the practicalities of how to deliver the seemingly impossible. We sketch and build CAD 3D models for use in CGIs, architectural plans and virtual applications. We know how to market brands consistently on the web and in ads, merchandise and outdoor media.


Our vast experience in implementation means that other creative agencies have used our production team. With our own crew and trusted partners, we can manage everything from premier manufacturing to print and film. So no matter what the scale or how extravagant the concept, we do whatever it takes to bring your ideas to life.