Nissan Motorsport

Nismo Lab. Le Mans, France.

Launched at the 24-hour Le Mans 2013, L3 were commissioned by GTA Global to join a collaborative partnership with Nissan. The brief was to expand on GTA Global’s concept for an immersive interactive experience for race goers and Nismo fans. L3 provided creative and production services in evolving the 3D and 2D design, implementation, interior design, construction and production project management.

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The exterior captures attention with flags and billboard-style promotional panels. Visitors enter through the Nismo ‘O’ and are immediately immersed in a scientific, digital environment. The prismatic polycarbonate walling with integrated LED lighting forms the backdrop to the lobby and themed graphics define the zones. The lab is staffed by Nismo athletes (GT Academy winners from all over the world) who introduce Nismo and its history. Guests then try their hand at activities including Batak, a brain wave game and full in-body analysis, achieving a score for each. The highest scorers are invited to try the simulator: an expensive and rare piece of kit used by drivers to experience ultra-realistic circuits of various tracks. Nismo lab is currently touring internationally.