Nissan – GT Academy competition circuit

For the European and USA finals of the Nissan PlayStation challenge, L3 was commissioned by GTA Global to create a series of driving trials.

We took ownership of the disused USAF airbase at Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire. The brief was to create a two-lane race circuit that would challenge competitors to display their driving skills in a variety of dramatic settings.

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The race gateway was constructed of bespoke shipping containers sprayed black and carrying PlayStation branding.

Challenge 2 was to drive at high speed through a precise outline of the racecar cut from a polystyrene wall that shattered on impact. The ice road challenge was a 20m x 20m PVC roadway drenched in ice-cold water.

Precision handling was the key to challenge 4, as drivers spun the cars beneath giant bursting water balloons.

Challenge 5 required a calm head, as drivers avoided a polystyrene pit crew. Hit a man, he exploded and valuable points were lost.

A full-throttle charge for the finish line completed the challenge, with a spin around the race gateway.

The event was filmed for Nissan’s YouTube channel, Nismo TV as well as being distributed to global TV networks.