Nissan PART e-VAN

Ultimate experiential vehicle for Nissan

Working in partnership with GTA Global and Performance Communications, L3 was commissioned to lead the design and manufacture of an experiential vehicle by Nissan. The eNV200 – an all electric commercial van – was transformed into a mobile party vehicle for press and live event deployment.

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L3 took delivery of the base vehicle and adapted it into an interactive, engaging, centre-piece to encapsulate NIssan’s commitment to electric vehicle technology.

The vehicle was launched at the 2015 Champions League Final in Berlin to an overwhelmingly positive press and public response. It has since been seen at the Le Mans 24 hour race, and NIssan press events across Europe.

NISSAN PART e-VAN and powered by the 100% electric e-NV200 – charged into Berlin for its inaugural reveal the night before the Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final, before exciting fans outside The Olympiastadion prior to kick-off.

Some of the unique van’s standout attributes include a dazzling disco ball solar panel array on the roof which absorbs daylight to power some of this one-off vehicle’s features, an augmented reality system where users will be able to jump into their own party scene before sharing it with friends on social media and a custom-made sound system capable of throwing the best silent disco party.

Following its debut in Berlin the PART e-VAN went on a European road show with its second stop scheduled for the endurance racing spectacle, 24 Hours of Le Mans, before travelling throughout Europe.

Bastien Schupp, Vice President of Marketing for Nissan Europe, said: “The PART e-VAN sums up what Nissan is all about – innovation and excitement for everyone. And what better place to showcase the ultimate party van, than the UEFA Champions League Final, one of the greatest sporting events on the planet.”