Steering Wheel Club for VIPs

Steering Wheel Club for VIPs

The Steering Wheel Club. London, UK.

Our L3 petrol heads were excited to be invited to help Robert Brooks of Bonhams to revive and relaunch the prestigious Steering Wheel Club. During the 1950s, 60s and early 70s, this was the London club that drew famous drivers and their entourages.

With the rights to the identity of the historic gentlemen’s club, Bonhams has launched it in modern form as a place for VIPs and OBEs such as Lord March to relax at motoring events.

L3, working with Identity, developed a high-spec portable interior that can be adapted and installed into different venues such as GoodWood Revival. Historic black and white photographs evoke the nostalgia of the glory days of racing. We ensured the styling, manufacturing and finishing were impeccable, in order to create the feeling of a retro gentlemen’s club and do justice to the heritage of the brand.

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